5 Ways to Prepare Your Hudson Valley Home for Summer

The warmest days of the year are quickly approaching our Hudson Valley community! With the temperatures outdoors rising, now is the time to tackle some necessary home maintenance tasks to keep your home in great shape all summer long. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with the home upkeep tasks you need to carry out this spring, we’re here to help. Our home energy professionals here at Marshall Oil are your trusted source for reliable repairs and consultations, expert installations, and emergency services here in NY & CT. Keep reading to learn how you can best prepare your home for the hot days ahead with us!

Crucial Indoor & Outdoor Summer Tasks for Homeowners in NY & CT

Ready to get started? Here are the top six home maintenance tasks our home comfort professionals at Marshall Oil recommend adding to your summer-readiness checklist this year:

1. Take care of windows and doors

Take advantage of cooler nighttime temperatures by turning off your A/C system and opening your windows for a break on your energy bills. Give your windowsills and screens a good scrub so built-up dust particles don’t blow back into your home, reducing air quality and clogging air vents.

2. Prevent cooled air from escaping

Don’t waste energy by letting your home’s cool air escape through pesky air leaks in your doorframes and window seals! Be sure to add caulk or weather stripping to these areas to save money and help keep your home even more comfortable all summer long.

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3. Top off your oil tank

Although we’re headed into the off-season, keeping your oil tank at least half full in the warmer months will not only help you stay prepared, it will keep your heating equipment in great condition and help to prevent corrosion and damage. This crucial summer task will help you keep your equipment in pristine condition for when you need to switch the heat back on during the first chilly days of fall.

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4. Reduce dust & allergens with carpet cleaners 

The start of summer is a great time for freshening up your home’s indoor air quality. If your filters have already been replaced throughout your home, and your windowsills, screens, and doorways have been cleaned, the next step is to tackle some of the hidden dust and allergens embedded in your carpet. Luckily, this is easy to do by using or renting a carpet shampooing machine. We recommend doing this at least yearly to get the best indoor air quality results while keeping unnecessary pollutants in your home at bay.

5. Practice fire safety  

Now is as good a time as any to inspect your home fire safety equipment, if you haven’t done so yet this year. Be sure to change your smoke detector and CO detector batteries, check the fire extinguisher expiration date, and remind children and family members in your household of an emergency meeting spot and procedure in case of a fire.

Get Summer-Ready with Marshall Oil

We’re here to help give our customers the tools, knowledge, and services they need to stay comfortable in every season. Count on our full-service home comfort professionals for reliable oil delivery and heating services in the Hudson Valley. Need to schedule a service with us? Contact our Marshall Oil team today!