Top 4 Benefits of Automatic Oil Delivery in NY and CT

Spring is here in New York and Connecticut, and many of us are preparing for a fun, busy, and warm summer ahead. As your mind may be looking forward to breezy days on the beach, ordering heating oil is likely one of the last things you’re thinking about. However, now is a great time to enroll in automatic oil delivery. When you enroll early, you can enjoy the program’s benefits for the entire cold season. Plus, you can cross something off your to-do list early. We understand how busy you may be, so let Marshall Oil take something off your plate. Keep reading to learn the top four benefits of choosing automatic oil delivery.

How Does Automatic Oil Delivery Work?

With automatic delivery, we use state-of-the-art technology to track temperature patterns. We then combine these data with your fuel usage history data and information about your heating preferences and the size of your home. This allows us to estimate when your tank will need a refill, so we can create a customized fuel oil delivery schedule.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Oil Delivery?

Increased Convenience

When you sign up for automatic delivery, you can worry less about monitoring your tank and calling to schedule delivery. Instead, we will create a customized delivery schedule and take care of monitoring and ordering for you! You don’t even need to be home when we make the deliveries!

Decreased Risk

Customers enrolled in automatic delivery are significantly less likely to encounter a dangerous fuel run-out situation than customers who manually monitor their oil tank levels and receive deliveries on a will-call basis. A fuel run-out can pose a safety risk, damage your equipment, and run up high repair costs–so decrease your risk and maximize your peace of mind by enrolling in automatic delivery.

Smarter Spending

Enrolling in automatic delivery can lead to savings in a couple of ways. First, the customized delivery leads to more efficient fill-ups, which means more savings passed onto you.

Plus, this program can help you avoid fuel price spikes when demand increases. For example, demand often spikes with freezing temperature forecasts, and spikes in demand can drive up the cost of heating oil. When you’re enrolled in automatic delivery, we consistently monitor your tank and make efficient deliveries when necessary, so you’re more likely to save money when demand spikes by just needing a top-off.

Easy Sign-Up

Enrolling in automatic delivery is simple. Give us a call today, and within a few minutes, we will have you signed up.

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Total Convenience with Marshall Oil

If you’re interested in smarter spending, greater protection, and total convenience, automatic heating oil delivery from Marshall Oil is a perfect match for you. Better yet—when you contact us, also ask about our budget plan. This will help make managing your fuel budget easy and predictable by spreading your annual costs over 10 even monthly payments. Between the budget plan and automatic delivery, you can rest easy this summer knowing your home comfort needs are in great hands with Marshall Oil. Give us a call today!