Your Payments, Your Way

Marshall Oil Company has been serving our community with affordable home heating oil delivery for over 80 years. To us, you are more than just an account number. We understand that each household has specific needs and a unique budget. This is why we offer a budget plan option to our customers in New York and Connecticut. Customers that sign up can take advantage of predictable fuel bills and skip the stress of juggling ever-changing payments.

10-Month Budget Plan

Add predictability to your annual fuel costs with manageable, even monthly payments spaced out over 10 months. By choosing this option to spread your total fuel costs for the season, you’ll take advantage of lower winter heating bills and more convenient monthly budgeting. Our 10-month budget plan runs from August to May.

How It Works

To figure out your monthly payment amount, we split your estimated annual heating costs into 10 equal installments, based on last year’s fuel use and this year’s projected prices. Then, you pay one predictable monthly payment for the duration of the August to May budget plan period. It’s that simple!

The Benefits

  • Keep your bills simple and predictable.
  • Make 10 low monthly payments.
  • Be worry-free every month.

The heating season doesn’t have to be a headache! Contact Marshall Oil to sign up for a budget plan and make managing your heating bills easier than ever.