Why Your Neighbors Are Signing Up for Budget Plans This Year

It’s hard to believe the warmest time of the year is almost here throughout the New York and Connecticut area. You’re likely thinking about how to stay cool this time of year, but we guarantee your neighbors are already considering ways they can save money on their heating fuel before another long winter season begins. With Marshall Oil’s budget plans, you can add predictability to your heating bill this year. We offer an amazing budget plan that’s customized for your home comfort and overall energy usage levels.

Budget Plans: Q&A

How are payments determined?

To figure out your monthly payment amount, we split your estimated annual heating costs into 10 equal installments, based on last year’s fuel use and this year’s projected prices. Once that amount is finalized, you will pay one predictable monthly payment for the duration of August to May’s budget plan period. It’s very simple!

When will my budget plan begin?

Our 10-month plan begins in August and will end by May of the following year. Therefore, we give you almost a full year of easy and reliable payments that keep your heating oil coming to you all year long!

What are the benefits of budget plans?

Each resident or business owner that enrolls in our budget plan will be able to keep their monthly bills simple and predictable, make 10 low monthly payments, be worry-free every month, and you’ll ensure months ahead that your property will stay warm throughout the entire upcoming winter season.

Why should I enroll in a budget plan?

Instead of having higher-cost heating bills during the middle of winter, you now have the opportunity for more moderate bills equally spaced throughout the year. With our 10-month budget plan, you’ll no longer be bothered with the burden of paying your winter heating bills within a few short months.

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Contact Marshall Oil to Enroll in a Budget Plan

The heating season doesn’t have to be stressful, so jump on the bandwagon and enroll in one of our budget plans to ensure your heating bill is customized to fit your needs this winter. Contact us today to learn more about our benefits and how to sign up!