Top 5 Reasons to Schedule Heating Maintenance Every Winter in NY and CT

As chilly weather begins to set in during the fall months in New York and Connecticut, it is time to start thinking about your annual heating system maintenance. At Marshall Oil, we understand how scheduling your yearly heating system tune-up can seem like a chore, especially if your system worked perfectly last winter heating season. However, we want to help you enjoy a worry-free winter by giving you five reasons why booking your annual heating system maintenance is essential for keeping your system running, your home safe, and saving you money. Keep reading to learn our top five reasons to schedule your heating maintenance and safety inspection now.

Why You Need to Schedule Your Annual Heating System Tune-Up This Winter

At Marshall Oil, we take preparing for winters in New York and Connecticut seriously. Curious why you should book your heating system tune-up service with us? From reducing the number of repair calls you may need to make, to improving your home heating efficiency, and reducing the likelihood of a mid-season heating breakdown, your annual heating system tune-up can be instrumental to your overall home comfort, safety, and spending. Here’s why we recommend servicing your heating system in New England every winter:

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Reason #1: Safety Inspections Are Key

At your annual heating service with Marshall Oil, you can expect our expert heating technicians to perform a routine safety inspection to ensure that your system is operating effectively and to double-check that there is no damage, harmful emissions, or leaks being caused by your heating system. Booking your annual maintenance before the winter season is in full swing is recommended to give our professionals a chance to test your system before the colder weather sets in.

Reason #2: Increase Heating System Efficiency

Better heating efficiency means more energy for your money. Lower your monthly heating costs by keeping up with your annual heating service through Marshall Oil. At your heating service, our technicians perform system cleaning and tune-ups that can greatly improve the efficiency of your system for the upcoming heating season. This means better, more reliable heat circulating through your home and better savings for you. Rest easy knowing that you’ll have a system you can count on when you switch on your heat this season, and schedule your annual heating maintenance today.

Reason #3: Prolong the Lifespan of Your Heating System

Did you know that regular, annual maintenance on your heating system can keep it running for even longer? Our Marshall Oil technicians perform essential maintenance services at each annual heating service that help the system to have proper ventilation, avoid stress on the unit caused by buildups of dirt and dust, and decrease the likelihood of a complete system breakdown. These simple, routine heating services make a huge difference in the lifespan of your heating system over the years, making your annual tune-up appointment imperative to caring for not only your heating system, but your entire home as well.

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Reason #4: Improve Home Comfort

Don’t be left out in the cold. Marshall Oil is here to help you achieve the reliable heat you need this winter season to keep your New York or Connecticut home warm, safe, and comfortable. Scheduling your annual heating system tune-up can help to ensure that you are getting the best possible airflow through your heating system. This can help to better heat the entirety of your home and improve your overall comfort this heating season.

Reason #5: Save Money with Preventative Maintenance

What’s the number one way to avoid a costly heating emergency? Prevention. Scheduling your annual heating system maintenance with Marshall Oil can help to significantly reduce the chances of your heating system failing when the harsh winter weather rolls in. At your annual heating service, our expert technicians will perform a safety inspection on your heating system, perform routine maintenance and cleaning, fix minor repairs, and be able to assess if there is an existing issue with your heating system. In other words, we’ll be able to identify a problem and work with you to repair it so you can better avoid expensive emergency replacements later.

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