Automatic Delivery

Let Marshall Oil Company take the hassle out of your heating season. Our automatic heating oil delivery is the easiest way to keep your home warm when temperatures start to drop. Instead of remembering to check your tank gauge and place orders, our team will monitor your fuel usage and deliver your next order before you know it! You can rest easy knowing that your fuel supply is in good hands.

How Does It Work?

We use state-of-the-art technology to track degree day calculations to create your custom fuel oil delivery schedule. Using this information, fuel usage history, and specifications like personal heating preference and property size, we will accurately estimate when your tank is due for a refill. You can avoid the stress of manually ordering fuel and arranging delivery dates.

Why Sign Up?

Take advantage of total convenience with a fuel oil company you can trust. Marshall Oil is here to help you stay comfortable, whatever the weather brings. Customers in our New York and Connecticut service area enjoy the hands-free benefits like:

Smarter Spending

Marshall Oil’s automatic delivery service provides more effective fill-ups, which translates to more efficient fuel usage and lower energy costs.

Greater Protection

With Marshall Oil monitoring your oil tank, the risk of running out of fuel is significantly lower. Our team will deliver your oil before your tank runs too low. Signing up for automatic delivery is the easiest way to avoid a no-fuel emergency.

Total Convenience

You can count on our service team to deliver your fuel when need it. Our efficient system will keep track of your fuel usage and schedule deliveries accordingly. No need to be home!


Automatic delivery is available to heating oil customers located within our service area. Contact Marshall Oil to sign up!


oil tanker truck on highway