Prompt Home Heating Oil Delivery

If you are looking for reliable delivery of premium home heating oil at competitive prices, you can count on Marshall Oil Company. We have been delivering fuel oil to our customers in New York and Connecticut for the past 80 years. We continue to promote its value and benefits for use in our customers’ homes.


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Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery

Sign up for automatic delivery and we’ll take the guesswork out of figuring out when to schedule your next oil delivery. We use a special formula based on degree days and usage history to determine when your next delivery will be, and we’ll automatically deliver fuel to your home or business. It’s that simple!


Fuel Oil Delivery - Pound Ridge, NY

Will Call Delivery

If you prefer to manage your fuel deliveries manually, you can order heating oil as needed. Simply keep an eye on your fuel tank gauge and contact us when you need a refill. As a safety reminder, we recommend that you order heating oil when your tank gauge reads ¼ (one quarter) full.


Why Heat with Oil?

There are so many reasons why 4,000 Marshall Oil customers, and counting, rely on home heating oil to stay warm from season to season:

Oil Heat Is Safe

Unlike other fuel options, oil heat is a non-explosive and is incredibly difficult to ignite, which means you can rest assured when it comes to your home and family’s safety. It will also produce visible warning signs, like smoke or soot, in the event of a heating system malfunction.

Oil Heat Is Clean

Thanks to advancements in technology, fuel oil burns 95% cleaner than it did 30 years ago. Plus, the fuel itself has become more sustainable with the addition of ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Today, oil heat is a cleaner, greener, renewable energy source that produces lower emissions.

Oil Heat Is Dependable

Fuel oil delivers at least 40% more heat per unit than comparable fuels. This means you can count on it to keep your family comfortable even in the harshest winter. Since the introduction of ultra-low sulfur heating oil, domestic production has increased, which means you can count on fuel oil for years to come.

Contact Marshall Oil to order heating oil, sign up for automatic delivery, or learn more!