When Should I Install an Upgraded Water Heating Unit?

Homeowners in the Hudson Valley rely on efficient water heaters, regardless of the season. We at Marshall Oil know that you prioritize your family’s comfort, which requires you to maintain your water heater in the best condition. Sometimes this means that maintenance will not prove satisfactory––the time will arrive for you to install an upgraded unit. Below, you’ll find five reasons to upgrade your unit.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your NY or CT Water Heating Unit

  1. Your Unit Reaches the End of Its Natural Lifespan: Like other equipment, water heaters only last some years before declining and entering a terminal stage. Additionally, breakdowns will occur more often and less predictably, to the extent that repairs will prove too costly. Therefore, as your water heater approaches the decade mark, consider upgrading to a new unit that matches or exceeds the industry standard.
  2. You Hear Abnormal Noises from Your Unit: As a responsible homeowner, you likely associate some sounds with your water heater’s normal functioning. However, you should never ignore any unusual sounds that you can trace back to your unit, as these might indicate some concealed yet serious problem. In particular, abnormal sounds might emerge from older units, indicating that you should invest in a unit upgrade.
  3. Damage from Rust and Lime Accumulation: Lime and rust accumulation affect all water heaters during their lifespans, causing damage that necessitates repairs and ultimately justifies installing a new unit. Unavoidable exposure to “hard” (mineralized) water leads to lime accumulation; likewise, rust inevitably will seep into your heater’s water supply. When the cost of repairs to this damage exceeds the efficacy of repairs, you’ll know the time for an upgrade has arrived.
  4. Your Tank Leaks Due to a Structural Issue: Water heater tanks suffer leaks regardless of their age. Often, these leaks do not indicate any systemic issues, but sometimes these problems qualify as so severe that only an upgrade can secure your access to water heating. If your current heater experiences leaks arising from a structural defect that repairs cannot mend, then we advise you to seek a high-quality upgrade.
  5. An Upgrade Will Help You Save Money and Protect the Environment: A water heating unit that burns heating oil or gas efficiently will save you money in the long term, reducing financial and personal stress while guaranteeing your home comfort and security. With an upgraded, top-notch unit, you’ll manage your fuel consumption, and therefore your budget, far better than if you continue relying on a less efficient model. Moreover, with improved energy efficiency resulting from decreased fuel usage, your unit will produce fewer harmful emissions.

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