When You Should Consider Upgrading Your Heating Equipment

As a New York or Connecticut homeowner, you know well that this region’s bitterly cold winters make it necessary that your home heating system operates at the highest level. Prioritizing your family’s warmth, comfort, and safety means you must maintain efficient home heating at an affordable price. Unfortunately, your home heating equipment might experience a decline in quality, thus requiring frequent and costly repairs. Under these circumstances, an upgrade may prove more economical and ensure greater quality and efficiency in the long term. By providing six indicators that your home equipment needs an upgrade, we here at Marshall Oil Company would like to help you avoid a crisis. These tips will prepare you to address the problem of declining heating equipment, providing you with peace of mind this season. Continue reading our blog post to learn about the top six signs that your heating system might need to be upgraded.

Six Signs That You May Need an Upgrade

1. Irregular Heating Throughout Your Home

Irregular heating quality throughout your home could indicate a decline in the performance of your heating equipment. If some rooms clearly deviate from the temperature you read on your thermostat, consider upgrading your equipment.

2. Strange Sounds & Bad Odors

Some sounds and smells originating in your basement pose little cause for alarm. However, less ordinary noises and smells–weird banging, droning, and clanging sounds or unpleasant odors, for instance–might indicate a serious underlying problem, revealing a need for an upgrade.

3. Big Shifts in Indoor Air Quality

Although routine maintenance can offset decreased air quality caused by outmoded heating equipment, getting an upgrade constitutes a more efficient and economical fix. So, if your home experiences dust buildup or dramatic shifts in air humidity, consider a system upgrade.

4. Heating System’s Energy Bills Keep Rising

Reduced fuel economy serves as a reliable indicator of degraded heating equipment. Rising energy prices that aren’t caused by severe weather conditions or increased energy usage will show you the need for an upgrade. You’ll save money when choosing a newer high-efficiency model with an efficiency rating as high as 95.

5. Repeated Breakdowns of Your Heating System

If your equipment breaks down more often than usual, your heating equipment might need replacement. Ultimately, upgrading to an up-to-date model will increase system efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

6. Your Heating System Has Reached the End of Its Natural Lifespan

No matter the quality of your heating equipment, all systems have a natural lifespan. As time passes, your equipment will experience more problems at a higher frequency. Once your equipment reaches its natural exhaustion point–typically by a decade or so–you’ll find that an upgrade proves more economical than constant repairs.

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Upgrade Your Heating Equipment Today with Marshall Oil Company

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