Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

As a New York or Connecticut homeowner, you think of frigid temperatures, snow, and ice when the subject of winter comes up. You want, and deserve, to prepare your home for the worst weather this season brings. We at Marshall Oil would like to provide you with eight tips designed to maximize your winter home safety and comfort.


8 Tips for Efficient Winter Home Preparation

  • Review Your Thermostat Settings:

Check your thermostat’s batteries and, if necessary, replace them. Turn your thermostat’s temperature higher than your home’s current temperature, and don’t neglect to set your thermostat to its “auto” or “heat” option.

  • Perform a Check on Your Heating System’s Breakers:

In case of an emergency electrical issue, you want to avoid tripped breakers. Thus, we advise you to check the status of both your system breaker and the red emergency switches you’ll find either atop your basement stairway or on your heating unit.

  • Confirm Your Fuel Readiness by Checking Your Oil Tank Gauge:

Verify your fuel readiness by checking your oil tank gauge. If your gauge indicates a heating oil amount at or less than 1/4 full, then contact us at Marshall Oil for rapid and high-quality fuel delivery.

  • Use Caution Whenever You Reset Your Heating System:

For safety reasons, press the reset button on your heating system only once if the system malfunctions and wait patiently for the reset to complete. Call Marshall Oil if you experience reset issues, and we’ll send our expert technicians to assist you.

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  • Keep Your Delivery Pathways Clear:

Don’t forget to clear the snow and ice from your driveways and access paths to guarantee your safety and that of our employees.

  • Install CO Detectors:

Although heating oil poses no risk of explosion, an extremely unlikely chance of carbon monoxide leaks does exist. To avert the consequences of this rare occurrence, we urge you to make sure you install a device for detecting this toxic yet odorless gas. Installing detectors should alert you of a leak promptly.

  • Always Store Flammable Items Carefully:

Don’t forget to keep gift wrapping, storage boxes, and other flammable items in your basement out of the reach of your tank and heating system. Taking this advice will greatly reduce the likelihood of these items catching fire.

  • Enroll in a Budget Plan:

Consider enrolling in a Marshall Oil service plan to save money and reduce anxiety. With a 10-Month Budget Plan, you’ll enjoy predictable bill payments over a ten-month period. Manage your budget and enjoy the winter holidays in warmth and comfort with Marshall Oil’s dependable services.

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We hope these tips help you stay safe and comfortable here in the Hudson Valley this winter. Contact us at Marshall Oil if any questions remain or if you’d like a quote. Rely on our expert technicians all winter, and you’ll never again worry about the prospect of a winter no-heat emergency.