Why You Don’t Want to Skip Your Heating Tune-Up This Fall

After just one winter in New York or Connecticut, it’s not hard to figure out how important it is to have heating equipment that you can rely on to keep you comfortable. While we round out the rest of the summer, it’s time to start tackling tasks on your home’s to-do list before the cold weather settles in – and a heating system tune-up should be one such task! If you are wondering if you really need a tune-up each year or if you can get by skipping it, this blog post is for you. Read on to learn all about the benefits of annual heating maintenance and why it’s critical to have it performed by a heating professional in each fall.

The Benefits of Heating System Tune-Ups for CT & NY Residents

Many homeowners arrange for heating system maintenance each fall, just before the cold weather arrives. Doing so helps give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be staying cozy when temperatures drop. And while peace of mind is one advantage of regular tune-ups, there are quite a few more benefits to reap when servicing your Connecticut or New York home’s heating system.

1. Extend the Life of Your Heating Equipment

When you own a home, you begin to understand how preventative maintenance impacts the life of equipment in and around your home. Regular maintenance, like those included in many service plans, is a simple way to extend the life of your heating equipment and avoid surprise breakdowns and costly repairs.

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2. Maximize Your Home’s Heating System Efficiency

Perhaps the best advantage of booking a heating tune-up is the increased efficiency your system will experience. When your equipment is running at its best, not only will you get more out of your heating oil, but you’ll have peace of mind your home will stay warm and cozy when temperatures drop. This improved oil efficiency begins the day you turn on your home’s heating system!

3. Savings on Your Heating Oil Budget

Increased efficiency means money saved – just another reason you don’t want to skip your tune-up! The better your system uses heating fuel, the longer you can stretch your heating budget this winter.

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4. Increase Your Home’s Safety

When it comes to safety, protecting your home with things like insurance and fire detectors are most often top of mind. But don’t forget the importance of a safe burning heating system in your home. Issues like cracks, leaks, airflow restrictions can all be major safety concerns, especially if your heating system is getting ignored. A tune-up provides an extra level of safety and security.

What to Expect During a Heating System Tune-Up in Connecticut or New York

The expert technicians at Marshall Oilare highly skilled and trained to take on a variety of equipment as well as the latest in heating system technology. You can expect a thorough cleaning of burners, inspection of flue pipes, ductwork, and filters. The technician will also test the igniters, vents, and fuel efficiency. 

Need Annual Maintenance Service? Schedule Your Oil Heater’s Tune-Up with Marshall Oil Today

Ensuring your heating system is in good condition with regular tune-ups is easy and affordable with a local, professional energy company like Marshall Oil. Schedule your oil heat system’s tune-up now and rest easy that your home will be ready when winter arrives.