Energy-Saving Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance Tips

As winter winds down and spring approaches, we at Marshall Oil Co., Inc. know our New York and Connecticut customers eagerly await the chance to do some spring cleaning. Likewise, our conscientious customers always seek to learn new tips for maximizing energy efficiency and saving money in the process. Did you know spring cleaning can help you attain your home energy efficiency and cost-reduction goals? Marshall Oil Co., Inc. is here to provide our loyal customers with some guidance on maximizing your HVAC system with spring cleaning. Here are four spring cleaning suggestions that will prove a boon to you and your family’s comfort and pocketbook in the coming months.

Four Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Benefit Your HVAC System

1. Check for Poor Insulation:
Poor insulation caused by leaks and broken seals around your doors and windows reduces your HVAC system’s efficacy. Condensation between the panes of your double-glazed window might indicate that you need to improve your window’s caulking or repair any latent damage. Though a common source of increased energy expenses, you can easily rectify it.

2. Replace Your Filters:
Dirt and dust gradually accumulate in your filters. Over time, this forces your HVAC system to overexert itself, which can prove costly. Therefore, we recommend changing your filters every three to six months. Of course, you should heed the directions of your filters’ manufacturer if it provides some other time frame. Make sure you record the dates on which you change your filters. By following this practice, you’ll make the most of your HVAC system, avoiding unnecessary future repair expenses.

3. Remove Gutter and Downspout Debris:
Dirt, leaves, and debris prove as much a problem in downspouts and gutters as they do in filters. Detritus, such as fallen pine needles and branches, can redirect water toward your house, which risks causing damage. Periodically remove gutter and downspout debris to avoid this issue.

4. Dust Your Lightbulbs and Think about Switching to LEDs:
Dust collects on the surface of lightbulbs, reducing their brightness and efficacy. Over time, dust buildup can impact their energy efficiency and inflate your energy costs, so make it a point to dust off your bulbs and light fixtures. Additionally, you might weigh the option of switching over to LED lightbulbs, which require far less energy and last longer than incandescent lightbulbs. In either case, you’ll maximize your home’s energy performance, cutting down on energy costs.

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