Major Perks of Working with a Full-Service Energy Company

When searching for a heating oil provider in the Pound Ridge, NY, and Westchester County area, there are various questions to consider when comparing one company to another. Are they competitively priced? What are customers saying about their experience with the company? What types of services do they offer? And, most importantly, what value will I get for my money? Keep reading to learn why choosing a full-service provider like Marshall Oil will get you more value for less!

Discount Fuel vs. Full Service

Choosing a discount fuel provider over a full-service provider may sound like an appealing option, but other than paying a slightly reduced price for fuel delivery, you’re getting no benefit. In fact, when considering a discount provider, you’re forgoing important factors such as reliability, safety, and critical service—all of which add great value to your overall home comfort.

Value in Service

Here’s how a full-service supplier can provide the greatest value for your money:

1. Automatic Oil Delivery

Springtime weather in New England can be unpredictable. With warm weather one day and chilly temperatures the next, it’s essential to prepare for all kinds of weather conditions during this time of year. For this reason, our home heating professionals at Marshall Oil always recommend keeping your fuel tank filled. Our automatic delivery service ensures that you’ll always have fuel in your tank throughout the heating season, without the need for you to remember to schedule a delivery. Best of all, this convenient program is offered free of charge to customers.

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2. Round-the-Clock Emergency Service

Should your heating equipment malfunction in the middle of the night, there’s no need to panic. Just pick up the phone and call your full-service energy provider to fix the issue. Otherwise, you’ll be scouring the phone book to find an HVAC provider available to come out after hours, and you’ll probably pay through the nose if you find someone willing to make the trip. So much for your discount fuel savings! Luckily, when you rely on our experienced, full-service heating professionals for 24/7 emergency repair services, you’ll benefit from the reduced costs and added convenience.

3. Service under One Roof

When you choose a trusted full-service provider like the pros at Marshall Oil, you know that you only need to make one phone call should you need heating system repair, professional[CG1]  equipment installations, or fuel delivery (and you don’t even need to call for delivery service!). You also have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting expert, reliable service for your home comfort needs. No discount provider can offer that level of commitment to their customers.

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4. The Numbers Don’t Lie

Consider this; a well-tuned furnace runs more efficiently, which in turn can reduce your fuel consumption by 10%. If you burn 1,000 gallons, that comes out to 100 gallons of savings. Let’s say the current market price of oil is $2.529/gallon; your savings would be around $253 for the year. In contrast, if you switch to a company that does not regularly tune your furnace yet saves you $0.10/gallon over 1,000 gallons per year, you save only $100. Which would you rather choose?

The Choice is Clear – Choose Full Service for Greater Value

By choosing a local full-service provider like Marshall Oil, you’re choosing high-quality service AND great value for your money. Contact us online today to help with your home comfort needs. Not yet a customer? Simply fill out our online registration form to get started!